What is EYEBRO?


My name is Arman and I am a Toronto based Graphic Designer and Industrial Design student. I started EYEBRO as a tech blog way back in 2015. it has now evolved into EYEBRO.design; a nomadic, multimedia design firm. Outside of a traditional portfolio, this website acts as a collection of my work and my thoughts; both professional and personal.

Feel free to tag along for the ride! It’s all good.


From its conception, EYEBRO was made to be different.

Starting life as a design+tech blog, EYEBRO slowly evolved into a small, Toronto based start-up design firm. In its earliest incarnation, EYEBRO focused on Film, Gadget and Video Game reviews. While studying for my second undergraduate degree, I started taking commissions for graphic work, logos, websites, branding guidelines, and product design + development. This became a second job outside of my full-time job and my academic career. EYEBRO has now branched off into an independent design firm (EYEBRO.design) and a media publication.





Within everyone lies a storyteller. We are here to wake them up.

EYEBRO.design is about unlocking everyone’s inner story. We are about bringing dreams to life. Come to us with an idea, a concept, a rough outline, and we can help it become a reality. We work alongside our clients to help realize their vision the best we can.

Our methods may be unorthodox, but so are we.


By setting achievable benchmarks and milestones, we are able to work within our clients’ schedules and help bring their dreams to life. From conception, to ideation, to iteration, and completion, we take you through the entire creative process to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.


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By getting to know the scope and scale of what you would like to create, we are able to effectively brainstorm and generate a few ideations to help chart a course.



Once a few ideas are further realized, additional steps are taken to align the overall message that is being delivered, as well as the direction the project will go.



Different avenues of the same theme are explored while increasingly accurate prototypes are being built. We are en-route to bringing your idea to life.



Once a final design route is chosen, we can help implement your design into your work. Further services can be offered to present your idea to the world.